Weed Man Lawn Care: Tips for a Shady Lawn

While large trees on a lawn can provide beauty and assist in cooling your home and outdoor recreational areas, the shade can present problems for the long-term health of your grass.

In general, grass requires about eight hours of sunlight per day to thrive, although certain varieties need less. While eight hours works best for Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass needs a minimum of six, and fine fescue grass can survive on four hours of sunlight a day. Choose the type of grass seed most suited to your climate and the amount of available sun.

Morning sun is best for your grass for several reasons. Firstly, early sunlight causes dew to evaporate quickly, preventing diseases that flourish in a moist environment. In addition, sun exposure in the morning increases the efficiency of the grass system. Grasses that thrive in cooler weather try to conserve water by going on the defensive in temperatures greater than 25 degrees Centigrade.

Weed Man Lawn Care recommends keeping your branches properly thinned. In addition to helping your lawn receive more direct sunlight,regular pruning also results in healthier trees and shrubs. Proper maintenance helps prevent storm damage by allowing the wind to move more freely through the foliage. Even if your turf receives less than the optimal amount of sunlight, a thinner canopy allows for better rainfall coverage and assists in drying dew more quickly. Supplement this natural assistance by aerating the turf in shaded areas to loosen compacted soil and promote stronger root growth.