Is It Too Late to Treat for Grubs?

Q & A with Weed Man’s Turf Care Expert, Chris Lemcke


A very typical question we get at this time of year at Weed Man is “Is it too late to treat for grubs to prevent any possible damage in the fall?” Many times people are away on vacation, have been too busy, or they planned to do it themselves but never got around to booking a preventative treatment. Now they’re calling Weed Man wanting to have a grub control treatment on their lawn.

In the past our answer would have been that it’s too late for a preventative treatment for grubs, since products that contain Imidacloprid must be applied by the end of July or early August at the latest to work effectively. However, in the last few years there have been some new products that are now on the market that can be applied right into September.

Depending on where you live, it may not be a bad idea to treat your lawn, as we have seen some pretty heavy adult flights this summer and the possibility of damage occurring in the fall could be greater than we’ve seen in a while. If you have grubs on your lawn, contact your local Weed Man dealer for more information regarding an application of preventative grub control.

For those who are looking for a natural way to preventatively treat grubs, a treatment of nematodes should be done in September. Nematodes can be effective but require some extra effort to make sure they work effectively. Nematodes need to be applied to wet or moist soil, watered in immediately, and applied away from the sun, as UV light will kill them. The success of nematodes depends on getting them into the soil and keeping the soil moist so they can travel to where the grub is feeding.

GrubsGrubs on lawn

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