Weed Man Lawn Care Shares Spring Cleanup Tips

From its headquarters in Ontario, Canada, Weed Man Lawn Care works through an international network of franchisees to provide top-quality, responsive lawn care services to customers in North America and the United Kingdom. The company additionally focuses on educating its customers on a variety of simple techniques for keeping their yards lush, green, and healthy.

The following are a few seasonal tips for homeowners seeking to spruce up their outdoor spaces in time for spring:

After you check with your lawn care professional to keep current on appointments, do a thorough lawn inspection. Rake up dead leaves. Pay attention to any too-thick thatch, the network of dead organic matter that rests over the soil and beneath the top layer of green. Thatch more than one-half-inch thick can impede healthy development of root systems and grass. You may also want to establish a compost pile for dead matter, grass cuttings, and table scraps to provide ready-made nutrition for your garden.

Mulch flower beds and at the bases of shrubs and trees to help plants retain warmth and moisture. The layer of mulch should only be about 2 to 4 inches deep—slightly more to safeguard young bulb shoots.

Spring is also a good time to refresh your garden by adding nutritional supplements, fertilizer, or peat moss to soil and trimming bushes and plants that bloom at other times of the year.

Before heavier rains begin, remove the accumulation of organic matter from gutters and downspouts, and flush the spaces out with jets of water. Cleaner gutters keep water damage from rotting your home’s foundation and protect nearby plants from inundation with too much moisture.

An organized garage will assist you in maintaining your lawn by ensuring your tools are clean, in good repair, and accessible.

Finally, give yourself a chance to enjoy spring from the vantage point of a refreshed patio by cleaning and de-cluttering your outdoor furniture.

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